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Allied Equipment Modular Solutions (AEMS) manufactures equipment for gas treating, gas processing such as condensate stabilizers and amine plants, CNG storage, fractionators, fuel gas conditioners and NGL stabilizer applications. Our innovative modular gas plants and stabilizer designs require less fuel to operate and takes up less space. We offer complete in-house, turn-key services to include plant design, manufacturing, installation and operations.

Founded in 2002 with 25 years of experience, AEMS is a trusted leader in the industry for our manufacturing and design of treating, conditioning and processing equipment. We keep pace with the ever-changing technology and the evolving needs of manufacturers to create custom equipment options that are pre-engineered and/or proprietary.

Our teams work hard to provide you the most efficient systems in treating gasses, NGL recovery systems, and conditioning needs. Our stabilizer designs and plants will take up less space, arrive on time, and are packaged on skids to make it easier to place. We can help with complete turnkey services or help with single solution needs. Contact us today to find out how AEMS can help you.


Amine Units, CNG Storage Spheres, Condensate Stabilizers, Fractionators, Dehydration, and ASME Code Vessel Shop

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